Discover our city on a new perspective with #ThisIsManila #ShotoniPhone campaign

You’ve seen how photos inspired ideas, sparked debates, or moved people to action especially in this social media age. You may even have shared some of them yourself. This time, premium Apple partner Power Mac Center is inviting you to let your visual voice be heard and show the world that #ThisIsManila through the lens of your iPhone, the perfect tool for mobile photography.

The #ShotoniPhone worldwide campaign is Apple’s way of showcasing the creativity and diversity of its users with only the powerful cameras on the iPhone as their instrument. Power Mac Center hopes to put the spotlight on Manila by inspiring users to show the beauty of the city via fresh perspectives.

To participate, just take your iPhone around Metro Manila and shoot what inspires you or piques your interest. You may focus on what the place is like, what the people are like, or what life looks like in this corner of the world. Upload it to your Instagram account, tag @powermaccenter and include the hashtags #ThisIsManila and #ShotoniPhone.

For inspiration, you may look at the works of Power Mac Center’s featured photographers Aaron Quinto (@aieos), Aly Mananquil (@alleyttle), JC Gellidon (@jcgellidon), Je Villaroman (@jevillaroman), JL Javier (@jljavier), Koji Arboleda (@kojiarboleda), Regine David (@reginedavid), Renzo Navarro (@_renzonavarro), Ryle Uy (@rylejustinuy), and Tristan Tamayo (@tamayotristan).

#ThisIsManila #ShotoniPhone by Aaron Quinto

#ThisIsManila #ShotoniPhone by Aly Mananquil

#ThisIsManila #ShotoniPhone by JC Gellidon

#ThisIsManila #ShotoniPhone by Je Villaroman

#ThisIsManila #ShotoniPhone by JL Javier

#ThisIsManila #ShotoniPhone by Koji Arboleda

#ThisIsManila #ShotoniPhone by Regine David

#ThisIsManila #ShotoniPhone by Renzo Navarro

#ThisIsManila #ShotoniPhone by Ryle Uy

#ThisIsManila #ShotoniPhone by Tristan Tamayo

“We want to show that there’s beauty and art in the simplicity or chaos of Manila. We want users to capture these images using their iPhone and share them with the world in the hope of preserving moments that could have easily faded away. Who knows what extraordinary things we can discover in the process,” said Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.

The campaign is powered by Polaroid, OtterBox, DJI, Leef, Pictar, ANKER, and UAG. As the first of a series of iPhone photography activities for the year, Power Mac Center will be featuring #ShotoniPhone photos on their social media accounts and in a photo exhibit to be held at the SM Mall of Asia Level 1 Main Mall from February 16-22, 2018.

Here are some of the highlights from the photography workshop and photo walk in Hub Make Lab, Escolta through the iPhone lens of our creative partner, JC Gellidon.

Help put Manila in the global campaign of Apple #ShotoniPhone! For more information, follow @powermaccenter on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

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