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This or That: How To Choose The Right Tech For You

This article is written by Jay Jaboneta, collaborator of Power Mac Center Business Systems, Inc. (PBSI).

Now that we’ve acquainted with the right mindset and hopefully the right attitude when dealing with technology, let me share some major decision points based on my personal experiences.

Top 7 Technology Decision Points


Apple vs Android (Operating System)

For the longest time since College, I used to be an Android user until I made the switch to Apple, 7 years ago. I believe that Apple esp. if you are using a suite of their products provides a more seamless experience. I personally use the iPhone and Mac Air and I love being able to pair my AirPods with them, not to mention being able to use the AirPods on the Apple TV as well. Now, this is a matter of personal preference, so make sure you explore the different platforms out there and choose the one that you’re most comfortable with. It has to be something that works for you. I know of many friends who prefer Android — the key is, use the technology, that allows you to perform — to be better at what you’re doing. You shouldn’t be using it just because it’s a new thing or it’s because it’s a certain brand — you should be using it because it actually helps you live your life.

DuckDuckGo vs Google (Internet Browser)

I cannot remember the last time that I didn’t use Google or any of its products on a daily basis and that’s probably why it’s one of the biggest companies in the world today… But if you’re a privacy advocate, you can start exploring the different web browsers with a privacy focus starting with DuckDuckGo. This is important because most of the leading web browsers out there allow third-party websites to monitor or track our online activities and the use of these data can actually infringe on our right to privacy.

Apple Pages vs Google Docs vs Microsoft Office (Office Applications)

Since the pandemic started, most of our work has shifted online and it’s now more important than ever to be familiar with how these office and business applications work. I don’t have a personal preference but one big advantage of Google Docs is, if you’re already using Gmail, then it makes for easy navigation as your inbox, Google Drive, and files can all be on the same platform. Just be sure to keep them password protected.

Social Media Platforms

Social Media

The top 7 for me are Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Tiktok, and Kumu (esp. for the Philippines), and the first three are all owned by one company. One of my biggest realizations over the last 10 years is the shift that has been, even when contacting or messaging key business leaders — you would often find a faster response if you message them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn as opposed to sending an email message or texting them. On the other hand, while I believe that technology is an enabler it is also important to limit your screen time esp. now as we’re mostly stuck at home and our eyes need to rest as well.

Zoom vs Google Meet (Video Meeting Platform)

Now that most of the work has shifted online, video conferencing and virtual meetings have also become the norm at the ‘office.’ It’s important to experiment with all the major platforms as even though our organizations have chosen an official platform for company use, sometimes we are invited to use other platforms by external stakeholders. It’s also important to understand proper etiquette when meeting online.

Shopee vs Lazada (Online Commerce)

Who can’t live without ordering online and having it delivered to your home or office these days? As the world and the country continue to enforce travel restrictions, most of us need to learn how to replenish basic necessities by ordering online. While some of us including me prefer seeing the actual products before buying them, if we want to limit travel to necessary ones, it’s critical we learn how to evaluate whether a particular product or service that’s posted online can be trusted or not.

Gcash vs Paymaya (Mobile Payment Platforms)

GCash VS Paymaya
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And how do we pay for purchases online? By using these emerging platforms that allow for payments at the comfort of our home and by just using our smartphone.


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