Simplify Your Travels by Kimi Juan

With all the hustle and bustle that comes with a job in social media, all I look for is to make my work easier. Traveling so much can make me feel tired and burnt out, that’s why I always have my iPhone with me, so I can stay connected and work wherever I am, I basically have my whole life with me, wherever I go.

It’s really convenient to have everything on the palm of my hand, from checking my schedule, taking down notes, capturing every moment and of course keeping in touch with social media. I treasure a work-life balance, and when I take small out of town trips to re-evaluate my life, I strive for something a it minimalist, I take my phone with me and thats that. Everything is made simple from there and I can access my life in Manila in the palm of my hand.

Here are some of my favorite iPhone apps/features that help me constantly:


There’s nothing that helps me more than my calendar, this way I can always keep track of my schedule for upcoming events, and deadlines and to make sure I don’t forget anything. I love how the calendar can always alert you one day before you have anything planned.


As much as I love staying connected on social media, it’s important to me to disconnect and take a breather, the Do Not Disturb app helps me take a break.


My favorite life saving app (just because I love taking pictures!), with the high-tech camera, and all the new features of the camera, like portrait mode, its so easy for me to take instagram-worthy photos when I’ve forgotten my camera!


This is my favorite app, especially when I’m on a plane. You can have 100 books just in the palm of your hand, and I love being able to read anything I want without carrying the load.


I can’t live without airdrop, especially when traveling with friends, we can always just send each other photos/files via airdrop anytime we want, its super convenient.


This is also one of my favorite apps to stay connected to my family back home when I travel.

Having an iPhone is very essential to my life, and it really simplifies the way I travel, I think its really convenient to be able stay connected, not just to social media but also with friends and family during my travels.

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