Introducing: The iPad Air (5th Generation)

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iPad Air Lineup in different colors

Apple introduced the latest iPad Air at the Apple Event on March 8, 2022. Apple dubbed the 5th generation iPad Air the “most powerful and versatile iPad ever” thanks to the Apple-designed M1 chip that provides superior performance. With M1, this makes it miles ahead of previous iPad Air variants. The device comes in five colors: Space Gray, Starlight, Pink, Purple, and Blue. It is a well-rounded device with competitive pricing—while having Apple’s most powerful chip.

Curious about whether the iPad Air is the device for you? Are you a student or a professional who needs a powerful portable device for work on the go? Or a content creator who produces breathtaking photos or videos online? Here at Power Mac Center, the Philippines’ premier Apple reseller, we have these iPad Air features–and more–that will convince you to get your own today.

Apple M1 Delivers

Apple M1

Apple brings the high-power M1 chip from the Mac to the iPad Air. We’ve seen what it can do with a MacBook or an iMac, but what about an iPad? The M1-powered iPad Air can run all of the demanding apps at the same time. It offers a huge leap in power efficiency, giving its battery life a significant boost to help the device run all day. With both the CPU and GPU running at 8 cores, faster performance and graphics rendering make the iPad Air a powerful device packed into a thinner package.

Better Cameras that Capture All

iPad Air SharePlay

Tired of having to adjust your device to try and capture everyone with the Front Camera? The iPad Air now uses an Ultra Wide 12MP Front Camera with the Center Stage feature that tracks the current user and smoothly follows them around. The transition to a wider angle makes the device useful when the entire family needs to be within the frame in a video call or when friends all need to be in shot for a dance video.

Aside from the Ultra Wide 12MP Front Camera, the 12MP Wide Rear Camera of the iPad Air is for the photographer in you. Enjoy taking sharp and color-accurate photos and 4K videos, scanning documents clearly, and experiencing Augmented Reality (AR) like never before.

Lightning-Fast Connectivity

iPad Air using USB-C Transfer

Gone are the days of slow and interrupted 3G and 4G browsing thanks to Apple including 5G support for the iPad Air. 5G is the latest in broadband cellular technology, a huge improvement over its predecessors with greater bandwidth, larger channels, and highly responsive thanks to its lower latencies.

The Philippines is slowly transitioning to 5G since 2020 as telecom networks slowly develop and launch their 5G-equipped cell sites. Last year, it was reported that 5G download speeds in the country are 10x faster than 4G.

With this, the iPad Air can now reach speeds of up to 3.5 Gbps with 5G, while eSIM and Wi-Fi 6 support also offer great flexibility. This device has you covered when you need a seamless internet connection—great for downloading heavy files, loading graphics-heavy websites, using apps that require a lot of bandwidth or streaming movies on Apple TV with your friends and family.

The iPad Air also has a USB-C port, which is a faster data transfer port compared to its previous generations. It boasts a faster transfer speed of 10Gbps for quickly moving high-quality photos and videos from the device to your computer or an external USB-C hard drive. The iPad Air can also support the use of other devices such as external displays or cameras, maximizing the USB-C port for productivity.

Taking Productivity to the Next Level with iPadOS 15

Magic Keyboard

Make the most of the iPad Air with iPadOS 15. Since this device runs on the latest Apple M1 chip, it’s perfect for those working with multiple apps at the same time.

Multitasking is now seamlessly integrated with the new Split View and Slide Over features. Notes are now system-wide thanks to Quick Note — now you can jot down notes while another app is open.

Want to share experiences between family and friends during a FaceTime call? Now it’s possible with SharePlay. Stay in sync as you exercise together, watch the latest shows on Apple TV+, or stream an entire album for a listening party–all these new features are packed into the latest iPad OS, and more!

Accessorize to Maximize

iPad Air with Apple Pencil

Pair your device with an Apple Pencil or keyboard. Whether you’d like to pen up a digital journal, create a sketchbook out of your device, or type large anecdotes for a research paper, these accessories improve productivity with ease.

Experience Apple’s keen support for smooth typing experiences with the Magic Keyboard complete with a built-in trackpad or a Smart Keyboard Folio for a cover and keyboard combo all-in-one! Can’t bring your laptop? Pair these keyboards with the iPad Air and you’re all set to work!

The iPad Air also brings about good news for artists With the Apple Pencil, this device is your own digital canvas. Its intuitive design and support for wireless charging make writing and drawing easier, just like writing on a piece of paper or painting an entire wall for art.

The Possibilities are Endless

From studying, working, and creating art, to everyday doodles–the power of the all-new iPad Air brings endless possibilities for creativity and productivity. And you can get it for as low as PHP1,582.92 with a 24-month installment plan on Power Mac Center–with 0% interest! The iPad Air retails at  PHP37,990 for the 64GB Wi-Fi only version and PHP46,990 for the 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular version.

Know more about the iPad Air 5th Gen’s price in the Philippines, other supporting accessories, plus all other Apple items available at the Power Mac Center website! You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Viber Store, and Twitter for updates and promos you don’t want to miss out on.

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