Advantages of Buying from an Authorized Reseller

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Power Mac Center

Yes. We get it. Same product, same specs so why bother to look for an authorized reseller? Moreover, unofficial sellers charge less especially that Apple products are quite pricy. Why should we invest extra money to buy from an Apple Store in the Philippines when there are many cheaper alternatives around? In this article, we will show you why should you buy from an Apple Authorized Reseller rather than getting a deal elsewhere.

Pros of buying from an Authorized Reseller

An authorized reseller is a company that has a direct partnership with a big brand such as Apple. This contractual relationship to buy and sell benefits, not just the company, but also the consumers. We listed below the advantages of buying from a direct Apple Premium Reseller like Power Mac Center.

  • You are sure that you will get an authentic and brand new product

Apple products
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We can’t deny the fact that Apple knockoffs or Fake Apple products are everywhere. Some of them are too closely copied that you will not notice any difference until you’ve used them for a week or so. Unless you are an expert, of course. And fake products are not cheaper without a reason. They give less than the worth of your money but give off an opposite impression. Original Apple products might cost higher, but surely, you’ll get your money’s worth.

  • An Apple Premium Reseller provides a warranty and the best after-sales services

Repair center for Apple Products

Unlike unofficial resellers, legitimate dealers give you a period of time so you would be able to identify that the product is working well, and if not, you are at ease that it can be replaced with another unit or avail a free repair service depending on the warranty that the product holds.

  • You’ll get a localized version of the devices

Other retailers offer a lower price because they illegally exported the product overseas. Hence, these devices might not function well in the Philippines. Factors such as connectivity and language are crucial things to consider when buying Apple products. The compatibility of the device to the local setting is settled when you buy from a premium reseller.

Apple Watch

  • You can choose from a wide variety of products

Underground markets, if ever they sell authentic products, have a limited quantity of stocks and variations. One, because smuggled items are limited in quantity due to risks of legalities, and two, because some models/colors can only be purchased in a limited quantity. That is why it is better to buy at your trusted Apple Premium reseller to have the model you want.

Apple products, Apple store in the Philippines

  • Buy with confidence

Buying from an Authorized Apple Reseller gives you peace of mind. Your mind is assured that your rights as a customer will always be protected and your purchases are handled with care.  You will not worry that you will be overcharged or you will be disregarded after you pay them. Legit sellers will give you the guarantee that you deserve as a customer.

Power Mac Center - Apple Authorized Reseller in the Philippines

  • Get real discounts

Ever bought a “discounted” product only to find out that you have been handed an old stock or a sort of defective product? Well, that’s not new. A lot of retailers do this kind of trick to sell their not-so-good stocks. And it’s not tolerable when buying gadgets. That is why we turn to premium resellers. Authorized resellers have a strict contract to a brand protecting its reputation by selling products that are new and in the best condition. Hence, when they give a discount, you’ll know it’s real and definitely a steal!

Power Mac Website - Apple Authorized Reseller Site

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