8 Reasons Why You Need an iPad

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buy an iPad now

Are you planning to buy an iPad?

If you are hesitating about getting an iPad, don’t worry for we are going to help you decide to buy it now from your trusted Apple Premium Reseller! Now, let’s get to the point! Here are some good reasons why you need to buy an iPad now.

You can easily read an e-book, manga, or comics using an iPad

Reading with an iPad

Do you love reading? Well, you don’t need to zoom in and out anymore using your iPhone. You don’t need to bring physical books while taking a break. Because of the digital transformation, you can now store thousands of books in one single device. With iPad, you can now enjoy reading your favorite book and finish faster without having the hassle of zooming in or out with your screen just to see the words or pictures clearly and also save the hassle of using your MacBook just to read comics.

Better gaming experience

Buy an iPad and enjoy playing games

One of the best things you can do with an iPad is to enjoy playing your favorite online games to the fullest. You can crush all the candies easily on Candy Crush and run like a Cheetah on a wider screen with an iPad. The 4th generation of iPads like iPad Air and iPad Pro gives the same experience in terms of graphics as Xbox and PlayStation. You can also play your favorite instruments like piano, guitar, and drums with an iPad App.

Popular music bands in the Philippines used the iPad as an instrument in their live performances like on Sync Sessions, a Power Mac Center event where bands will only use Apple devices to play their original songs. Here’s an example of a band playing their song with just an iPad:

Alternative for a laptop when traveling

If you have a pending task at work that you need to finish but you’re on a vacation trip, an iPad can be your best companion. With Apple Accessories like keyboards for iPad, you can now finish your work easier than before. You can write articles, edit excel files, and create your PowerPoint presentation or even use it to present to your clients. With this, you can now travel confidently anytime and anywhere.

Watch your favorite movies on a wider screen

buy an iPad and watch anywhere

You can now watch your favorite TV series and movies while laying in bed, eating, sitting, or even while working out because the iPad can serve you as a portable cinema. Now that you can watch or rent movies from paid streaming sites like Youtube, Netflix, and Disney Plus, it is now easier to let go of boredom and say hello to binge-watch!

Not only that, but you can also connect your iPad to your smart TV that will both allow you to watch anything you can see on TV or on your iPad by sending the video even if you are not at home. Now you can share the fun with the whole family.

Good for graphic design

Graphic designing

If you are a graphic designer, an iPad can help you transform your imagination into artwork. With Apple pencil, it is now easier to create sketches and letter arts with the help of graphic design apps. And with the limitless color choices that are available and free, you can create any artforms may it be 2D or 3D Graphics.

You can now start a graphic design business with just an iPad and an Apple pencil. You can create book covers, 2D arts for social media, logo design, comic characters, and more.

Presenting Portfolios

An iPad can also help you with your client or even when you are just applying for a job. Instead of using a laptop to present your portfolio, you can use an iPad which is much easier. It is light and portable enough to fit in your bag in which you can save more room for other things like food, wallet, water, and extra clothes while presenting your works or services while looking for a job or attending job interviews.

Good for e-meetings or video conferencing

Because of the pandemic, the new way of keeping in touch with loved ones or meet with your co-workers to talk about business is through video conferencing using apps like Zoom, Google Meets, Skype, Viber and etc. iPad as the portable device will help you to meet with your boss even while driving a car, or eating anywhere without opening your laptop. You can talk to your family and friends while cooking, or even while taking a bus ride.

Taking and Editing photos/video

Photo editor

iPad also has a very good camera just like any other Apple device. You can see your subjects on a wider screen and also edit them at the same time. You can take videos as well and edit them using video editing apps that can match the same result as editing on a laptop or desktop.

We are hoping that these 8 amazing benefits of having an iPad can help you decide to buy now on any Apple Store near you,

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