10 Reasons Why You Should Try Mobile Photography

With the rise of technology, taking photos has been a staple part of our daily life. From, selfies to groupies, to photography of all sorts, everyone loves a good picture and taking one. Unless you’re fond of carrying your DLSR everywhere, mobile photography is the best option for capturing ordinary and special moments. There are many reasons why more and more have been trying this photography style and why you should too.

  • It is handy

Nowadays, no one ever forgets their phone. Most of us even carry it to the bathroom. It is also the primary mode of communication and almost all transactions that we make, especially now while we’re in a pandemic and establishments opt to go cashless. Mobile photography means you always have your equipment with you. Most small phones fit even in the smallest pockets of our clothes and we can basically have it on hand and take it out anytime there is something worth the shot. To find the best small phone in 2022 that will suit your lifestyle, you can refer to this list.

Mobile Photograhy

  • Quicker to set up

To use a professional camera means you need to put on the needed lens, adjust the white balance, and reposition the zoom. While you can just pull out your phone, a few clicks and you’re good to go. Mobile photography lets you take pictures without much fuss. Besides that, it is much lighter to carry so there is endless angle possibility that you can explore.

  • Easy to share photos

Sending a copy of the photos you took is easier with your smartphone. You can send it to any messaging platform or instantly save it on your external storage such as a hard disk drive or USB.

Kaleidoscope Mobile Photography

  • Bigger monitor bigger preview

Taking the perfect shot does not happen in just a few shots. You need to repeatedly take a look at it and take it again if needed. With mobile photography, you can have a larger screen and a smaller camera that fits anywhere. Even the small phone models have larger screens than any professional camera, like Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini.

  • The convenience of Cloud Backup

More pictures mean the need for bigger storage space. And extra storage also takes a lot of space physically. Carrying your professional camera means dealing with carrying a lot of stuff with you such as a spare memory card and external drive. However, with a mobile camera, you get to choose how much storage suits your need and purchase it instantly at a much lower cost than cards and drives. Cloud storage does not just give you extra space to store your photos, it also lets you access it anytime and on any device.

Autumn Mobile Photography

Your source of communication, music playlist, camera, plus its storage are all in one compact device. You should take advantage of efficient small smartphones that are also low cost such as the iPhone 12 mini.

  • Edit photos instantly

Need your pics to have the vintage feel? Just find a filter and it’s all good. Not to mention that you can easily control the intensity of your chosen filter. With mobile photography, you can easily edit your pictures to suit whatever theme you like or what vibe you are going for. No need to manually adjust certain settings and go trial and error for each shot.

  •  Can be easily shared on social media

If you want to share your best moments with your loved ones, wherever in the world they may be, then you should stick to mobile photography. The take and post ability of smartphones such as the iPhone 12 mini, lets you take photos for Instagram, edit and share them online as soon as you want to.

  • Mobile phones are stealthy

People tend to kinda freak out or act unnaturally in front of a camera, especially a bigger one. But these days, it is not unusual for someone to carry their phone around and have it every time. So you can take as many street shots as you want.

Mobile photography on wet road

  • You can immediately take a snap

Sudden moments? Take out your phone and take a good clear shot. Mobile phones are quicker and easier to work with so you can swiftly capture unexpected memories in a jiffy.

portrait mobile photography with iPhone

  • Take advantage of manual control

One of the best things about manual control is the advantage of exploring the different levels of exposure. You can also manipulate other settings without much worry if you can undo it.

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