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BASEcamp stands for Boosting Aptitudes and Strengthening Expertise. We are the official training arm of Power Mac Center and we conduct on-site and online quality trainings and services to equip our customers with technical and creative skills that will allow them to maximize their Apple devices and unleash their professional and creative expertise.

Featured Programs

Apple Deployment and Management

Apple Certification Training

Apple Device Support

Apple Certification Training

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Choose from a wide range of creative and technical courses conducted by Apple Certified Trainers.
Certification exams are also available to help individuals get Apple certification titles.

Apple Deployment and Management

PHP 18,000.00

Apple Deployment and Management Exam

PHP 13,000.00

Apple Device Support

PHP 22,000.00

Apple Device Support Exam

PHP 13,000.00

App Development with Swift

PHP 36,000.00

Technical Troubleshooting

PHP 8,000.00

Mac and Windows Integration Basics

PHP 7,000.00

Final Cut Pro X

Professional Development for IT and School Administrators

PHP 21,000.00

Professional Development for Educators

PHP 21,000.00

macOS Fundamentals

PHP 6,000.00

iOS/iPadOS Fundamentals and Troubleshooting

PHP 6,000.00

Pages, Numbers and Keynote

PHP 8,000.00

On-site Support (Mac)

PHP 3,000.00

On-site Support (iPhone/iPad)

Zoom Video Conference Support

PHP 500.00

1-on-1 tutorial

PHP 1,500.00

Vision Hub

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Figuring out how to screenshot and record using your Mac? You’ll only need a minute to learn it! Watch our quick tutorial video now.


Why is coding an essential skill to learn today? Learn the answer from Apple Distinguished Educator Jim Tuscano!

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Learning Certified

Level up your technical edge by enrolling in our creative and technical courses. Newly-bought devices can avail FREE complimentary training. Just enter your invoice number, generate your QR code and book a seat.

Fruit Knight

In the game you find yourself in a fruit kingdom, there exists a bountiful fruit tree that bore fruits which grant whoever eats it extraordinary powers. However, enemies from rival kingdoms try and horde these magical fruits for their evil purposes. Your job is to save and rescue the Atis Land, Kaimito Castle, and Mushroom Forest from evils vicious attacks and to restore order and peace in the Fruit Kingdom. ​
Apple Service Provider App

PMC Service App

In just one tap, gain full access to any Power Mac Center Service Center’s online services any time of the day! These services include online booking, service tracking, warranty check, repair services and branch locator. ​


Quizify is the ideal trivia game to play with your friends and family. The game comes with quiz questions from a wide range of topics including Sports, Geography and History. ​

Tap Tap Defenders

To play Tap Tap Defenders you must prevent the incoming waves of enemies trying to surge your castle. Tap on the screen to kill the horde, and keep your castle going, track your scores & time played.

Color Chase

Easy to play, hard to master. Enhance your color perception ability with Color Chase. The game shows block of the same color except one block. To win, the player needs to select the block that appears in a different color against time limits. ​

Silent Escape

In this game, you find yourself locked down in a mansion. Your aim is to find the keys to unlock and eventually escape the mansion without getting noticed by the mansion keeper. ​

Slam Note

Slam Note is a simple app that allows users to write notes, store memories and protect the contents of specific notes from prying eyes. It also allows you to create secret notes or private slam book which you can share with your friends.​

Raketeer PH

Raketeer PH seeks to find the best youth delegates on the country to invest in who are committed, talented, and driven to succeed despite their life curcumstances.
Catching Veggies

Catching Veggies

An educational game that will inspire you to eat more vegetables like cabbage, carrots and eggplants so that you can have a stronger immune system and to make you realise that unhealthy foods is not good for you.

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